Low light shooting concepts

Low light shooting concepts

Many shooters undergo firearms training in order to protect themselves and their loved ones, whether inside or outside the home. But, how many shooters have trained to use a firearm under low-light conditions utilizing a flashlight? This course is designed for those individuals that are interested in learning how to apply the basics of firearms self-defense training while under low-light conditions. The course will make extensive use of tactical simulations that will allow the shooter to apply the fundamentals of shooting in realistic self-defense scenarios, whether at home or on the street. Role-players will be utilized in the scenarios so that the participants can undergo decision-making drills under stress. Only simulated firearms (Airsoft, RAM-Real Action Markers) will be used, since the students will be engaging the role-players in force-on-force scenarios.

• NJ Use of Force overview
• Tactical considerations regarding self defense 
• Ethical Considerations in regards to the use of deadly force
• Developing the proper mindset for self-defense
• Drawing from a holster
• Discussing Cover vs. Concealment
• The basics human vision under low-light conditions
• Various flashlight deployment techniques
• Low-light shooting drills (students will need to bring a flashlight)
• Shooting while moving when utilizing a flashlight

Pre-requisites: Prior to the class, the student will have needed to complete a basic pistol class that addressed the fundamentals of pistol shooting. The pre-requisite is waved for law-enforcement personnel.

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