Computer Forensics

E-mail Retrieval Internet History Financial File Recovery Chatlogs Recovered Image/Video Files Mobile Phone Files FaceBook Files Hotmail G-Mail Yahoo Files Social Media Is he or she engaging in an affair online? Are your employees using your Internet service to gamble online, stock trade or for pornography? Let us recover and document

Cellular and Mobile Forensics

During a cellular and mobile device forensic examination, the following data is recovered and examined; Password Extraction Deleted Files SMS Messages Contacts Picture Graphic Files Voicemail Social Media Call Logs Then a detailed forensic report is prepared for the client. This service can be performed discreetly at your location with our mobile

Civilian Active Shooter Consultations

Civilian Active Shooter Consultations Active shooter incidents are a growing concern for schools, businesses and the general public. It is important to have a basic understanding of the dynamics of an active shooter incident in order to better prepare for a potential situation. We can provide the following services: -Analysis of your current Active

Technical Surveillance Countermeasure Inspection

Both Corporate & Domestic Sweeps Eavesdropping Detection Services Determine Threat Level Detailed Physical Search REI Oscor 5000E Sweep Detect Hidden RF Audio/Video Bugs Carrier Current/Hardwiring Inspection Telephone Wiring Analysis Detect Telephone Wiring (Bugs, Transmitters, Recorders) Internet Router

Photo/Video Surveillance

Surveillance can be conducted for a variety of cases, such as matrimonial investigations, insurance investigations, infidelity investigations, theft investigations, cohabitation investigations, and various other types of cases. Video and photographic documentation can be obtained for any case, and will be made available to our clients at

Missing Persons/Skip Tracing

There are many types of cases that involve the search of a missing person. Looking for long lost loved ones, finding the identity of one’s biological parents, searching for someone that has run away from home, searching for someone that owes money and searching for witnesses are all examples of cases that involve missing person searches. Cases


Interviews/Translations (English/Spanish) Some of the interviewing services that are offered are the following: Interviewing and questioning of clients and all witnesses pertaining to a case Assessing the credibility of all parties involved Obtaining verbal, signed, recorded, and/or videotaped statements Reviewing and signing of affidavits There

NJ SORA Course

1st time applicants (SORA or Armed SORA) Before taking the course, students need to register first with the NJ State Police on their website. It will be the registrants responsibility to sign up for the appropriate SORA designation (either SORA or Armed SORA) The registrant will receive a 30 day temporary ID number. Within that time frame, the

Criminal Background Checks

The process of hiring new employees involves many steps. It is important to find the right candidate for the job that has the appropriate qualifications, as well as integrity. Pre-employment background checks can be used to cite any previous criminal convictions in an applicants past. Whether the convictions were major or minor, this information will