Point Shooting Tactics

For those that carry a handgun, whether it be a law enforcement officer, security officer, or a civilian with a CCW, it is important to understand that many shooting engagements tend to occur at extremely close range (1 to 5 yards). At these distances, it will be very difficult to acquire an “ideal” sight picture, since you will only have 1 or 2 seconds to respond to a violent encounter. You might not even have the time to bring the gun sights up to your eyes. This class will teach you how to shoot and engage your threat utilizing techniques that will correspond with your natural body mechanics under extreme stress. Some of the topics include the following:

– The difference between target shooting and combat shooting
– Shooting techniques utilizing one or two hands
– Using the proper focusing techniques for close-range shooting
– Shooting while moving
– Shooting at multiple targets
– Shooting while pivoting towards the threat
– Shooting threats at different angles

Pre-requisites: NRA Defensive Pistol or any pistol class that teaches how to draw and engage a threat from the holster.

A strong-side IWB or OWB holster is required, along with 3 magazines or speed loaders.

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