This course is designed for those individuals that are interested in learning how to apply the basics of firearms self-defense training while under low-light conditions. The course will make extensive use of tactical simulations that will allow the shooter to apply the fundamentals of shooting in realistic self-defense scenarios, whether at home or on the street.

• NJ Use of Force overview
• Tactical considerations regarding self defense
• Ethical Considerations in regards to the use of deadly force
• Developing the proper mindset for self-defense
• Drawing from a holster
• Discussing Cover vs. Concealment
• The basics human vision under low-light conditions
• Various flashlight deployment techniques
• Low-light shooting drills (students will need to bring a flashlight)
• Shooting while moving when utilizing a flashlight

Course length: 5 hours

Pre-requisites: Prior to the class, the student will have needed to complete a basic pistol class that addressed the fundamentals of pistol shooting. The pre-requisite is waved for law-enforcement personnel. . The student will need to bring at least 150 rounds of ammunition for the course. A holster is recommended, but not required.

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