This course is designed for those individuals that carry a handgun either on a duty belt or concealed . The course content is as follows;

Fundamentals of Marksmanship
Use of Force concepts
Drawing from concealment
Drawing from a triple-retention holster
Combat Mindset
Utilizing cover and concealment
Moving and shooting techniques
The proper use of verbal commands
Manipulating/shooting the handgun; strong-hand only/support hand only

The student will need to bring the following;

Strong-Side Hip Holster (NJ Security personnel- Triple Retention Holster) and magazine pouch
At least 3 magazines
Clothing used for concealment (vest, sweater, shirt, etc)
Security Personnel-Uniform with duty belt
Eye and ear protection
At least 200 rounds of ammunition

Optional items;
Lunch (lunch will not be provided)
Hydration (water, Gatorade, etc.)
Note taking items

Class duration: Approx. 5 hours
Range duration: Approx 4 hours
Class size: 10 students

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