The off-duty officer has to have the same heightened levels of awareness as if on-duty, especially when in public with family members and loved ones. This class will go over the various tactical techniques needed to efficiently deploy a handgun in a close quarters environment while off-duty.

The following topics will be covered:

Situational Awareness
Use of Force issues
Concealment clothing/holster options
Cover vs. Concealment
Drawing a handgun efficiently from concealment
Weapons retention techniques with off-duty holsters
Shooting from cover/prone position
Shooting while moving away from the threat on the oblique (45 degree angle)
Threat engagement from various angles/positions
Engaging the threat if incapacitated (support hand only)
Shooting from the supine position

Ammunition requirements:
-250 rounds of ammunition
-Off-duty attire, with appropriate cover (sweater, vest, t-shirt, coat, jacket, sweat shirt, etc.)
-Off-duty holster of choice; pancake, paddle, cross draw, shoulder, middle of the back, fanny pack, ankle, purse (it is recommended to bring more than one type of holster)

Duration of class: Approx. 8 hours
This class is an official NRA Law Enforcement Division sanctioned course. Students that are currently Law Enforcement Officers will receive the certificate of completion with the NRA LE Division logo.

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